Monday, 2 April 2012

About Byron

Thanks for coming to have a look at my blog.
My names Byron, I live in lovely Sydney NSW and like most of you that are reading this blog right now, I have a complete obsession with climbing.... 

I’ve decided to create this blog because I love climbing and I want to record and share the things I get up to, as well as promote Sydney Bouldering and hopefully this blog will act as a valuable resource for guides, access and any new development that’s going on. 

Since I started climbing in Sydney I’ve notice one important but frustrating thing. 
Getting information about my local Climbing crags and Bouldering areas are a pain in the sandy vajayjay.. :/

Sydney is a big place and since the Sydney Bouldering Guide was released over ten years ago, not much has gone into documenting and setting up guides for newly established climbs, boulders and crags in and around Sydney

Allot of talented climbers have put huge amounts of effort into establishing great new boulder problems in Sydney over the last few years, but in some case's haven’t bothered to document them for other people to try and enjoy.

As a result, kids like myself and many of my mates have come along years later keen as mustard to try out climbs with outdated material and little knowledge of their own backyards :(

Now I’m not saying this blog is going to turn into a Sydney Bouldering Guide or some thing...
The idea is to keep track of development thats going on right now.
Any new areas I come across I will document and create guides for as well as bloging about everywhere I go climbing and the people I'm with.

So please feel free to comment below with any guide updates such as projects sent or newly discovered rock!

I'm always interested in checking out new areas ...

You can also email me:
Thanks for reading and happy climbing :)

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