Monday, 7 May 2012

Bonnet Bay Sendage!!

So I first tried this climb called The Cling Thing, about 6 months ago, shortly after coming back from my 3 month trip to the Grampians.....
The boulder is about 15 or so moves through a roof with the crux at the end, from a shit slopping RH pinch and a bad heel hook!!
It only took me one day to realize that this is a Winter crag only :/
The humidity made the problem so dam hard!!! that you couldn't even hold the slopping pinch, let alone pull of it.... and the mosquitoes!! OMG the mosquitoes.... I think I was scratching for about two weeks after that day....

Anyway like a dumass I decided to go down there again the following weekend and after an hour of bouldering and several tantrums I promised myself that I would not return till next Winter.

6 Months later I decide to give it another go, It honestly felt like a different climb.... It took about 2 hours with some sweet beta from Rob's video and the problem was done and dusted......

Check out this video of Rob Williams on the classic Cling Thing (V10):

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