Friday, 3 May 2013

Living the Dream

Fab and I have been having a sick time here in the Grampians!

Most of our days are spent working projects ATM….

Fab has been super close on Cave Bitch but his finger got infected so he had to take a break from it and let the finger heal up. He also has been developing some nice foot work by working on some of the easier boulders around the campground and Andersons.

My days are split up between three different projects... Mana, Ammagamma and Pretty Hate Machine are all super close so fingers are crossed for this week, hoping to at least get one haha

I don’t get a lot of computer time at the Horsham library so I can’t make any videos of the lines we have been working/completed so I’ll upload these photos of Fab and I working Cave Bitch in the Hollow Mountain Cave… Enjoy!

Credit to Mike Fitz for the sick Photos!

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