Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Roping up!

Never thought I would be wearing a harness ever again.... apart from the odd highball or boulder scrubbing endeavor, but life is a bit funny that way.
I remember packing my very small amount of things for Canada weighing up between a harness and a 5th pair of under jocks haha...Glad I made the right decision on that one.

It's been a week now since I started working Dreamcatcher and the moves are coming together much faster than I anticipated.
The climbing suits my style perfectly (aside from the v7 slab before you reach the rail) and I have about 4 weeks of good weather left before moving onto Bishop so investing time into this project could be a gamble.

The climb is so amazingly aesthetic, a lot of the holds are so perfect I could only compare it to Serpentine in the Grampians, just move after move on perfect holds that make it seem like the line was made to be climbed.

Anyway I'll try and get some pic's even though I only have my Go Pro, in the mean time here is a video of one of Squamish's most popular boulder problems down at Murrin Lake.

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