Monday, 7 September 2015

Developing a Tick List

Well I've been working up to going on another climbing trip ever since my finger started to show sighs of improvement.

This Saturday it's down to the Southern Gramps to start work on some of the recently developed boulders around the Buandik campground and Mt Fox area. I'm really excited to do some exploring and hopefully tick a few classics!

In the first week I plan to focus on getting conditioned to outdoor bouldering again, there are two boulders I want to get on straight away, Simplicity v12 & Roobixcube V12.

Apparently the two boulders are on the softer end of V12 and hopefully will give me the confidence boost needed to have a good go at Cherry Picking V13, the biggest objective for me of the entire trip!
I guess I'll just have to see how strong I'm feeling and how suited the climbs are to my style... hoping for the best!!

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