Monday, 10 September 2012

The Sunny Side of Life

I got my first look at Sunny Side when the Smitten movie came out last year.
Tom Farrell, compressing his gorilla forearms up the face of Double Demerit, perhaps one of the hardest boulder problems in Australia!

So although the name suggest otherwise, I'd just like to point out that Sunny Side doesn't actually get any sun! We went between 10am - 2:00pm and had no problems climbing what so ever.

I looked online the night before and couldn't find any information about the crag.
It looks like due to the difficulty of climbing (all hard roof problems) and lack of access and information available on the interweb, this area doesn’t seem to see too much traffic, which is a shame really because IMO this might be one of the better areas to boulder in Sydney.

Right so anyway, some of the ECAT boys and myself went there on Saturday and shit went down!!!
Nam Tram put the cave classic (Combat Wombat) to rest pretty quickly and thanks to all his short man beta, I managed to pull it out off the bag myself :O!!!

From the looks of it, there isn't a whole lot to offer at this cave in terms of quantity, (maybe four established problems) but there all high quality and defiantly disserve the time of day.

So if your feeling strong, I would encourage you to head down there and see what Sunny Side has to offer. If like myself you love roof climbing then you won’t be disappointed :)

There is a couple of problems down there that i'm just busting to try ATM, so I might put together a guide for the area with some information on how to get there and the climbs that are available.

Check out this video by Mark Withers of the crag classic (Combat Wombat)

Happy Climbing!

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