Friday, 24 May 2013

Fab sends his long standing project!

The last week or so has been fairly eventful. After 8 days of attempts an infected pinkie and allot of bitching, the stars aligned and Fab finally put down Cave Bitch up at Hollow Mountain. He also did a super fast ascent of Rave Heart which was sick to see because the climb is super techie with some weird moves from sloppy holds out the finish to the WOL.

Joe came down from Sydney to hang out with us for a few days, we did a little bit of wondering around checking out some of the areas that we hadn't really spent much time at like Between the Sheeps and Citedal. He flashed his first V6 Remains of the Sheep and did all the moves on X-treme Cool in a day.

As for me, I've had to put some of my projects on hold after pulling my back out a while ago on Mana. Yesterday I started working on Zeus because the climbing is slightly less horizontal and hopefully that will give me a chance to heal back to %100 before the end of my trip.

Working The Crux of Ammagamma.
Fabby working the same move.
Fab crushing the opening moves to his 2nd V12, Cave Bitch.
Building up to the crux of So You Thing You Can Dance.
Sucking into the wall before the crux move.

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