Thursday, 30 May 2013

Passing the Days

We're currently camped out at Coopers Creek camp ground which is about 5 minutes passed the turn off to the Titanic boulders, after being asked to leave Mt Stapylton for not paying camp fees for well over a month.

Since my backs fucked, I've decided to make the best use of my time and do some searching around the area. Most of the rock although promising from the road is quite short and has little or no potential for good bouldering or routes.

We did however come across a cave about 10 minutes from the camp ground which has a sick crack line that could go at maybe V10 or harder.

The living conditions are still pretty good even though the temperatures at the camp ground are dropping well below 5 degrees on the best of nights. Double or even triple blankets are required to keep you from waking up repeatedly in the night because the body is telling you that its too fucking cold to sleep!!

Fab's been doing some days up at Taipan with a New Zealand couple we meet here about a month before. Earlier in the week he sent his first route Weak Boy which is pretty tough for a beginner at the grade of 26.

This week the focus is on Zeus and Mana, so hoping for the best even though we're forecast for a weekend of rain!!

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