Thursday, 11 July 2013

The Beginning of a Grand Adventure!

Well... last week my trip to the Grampians came to an end :(
I must say what an amazing time I had there, meeting so many fantastic a incredibly motivated people from all over Australia and abroad.

Already I look back over the 3 months of living in my Mitsubishi van eating, sleeping, shitting and climbing was the daily routine and somehow it's already a blur in the back of my mind, feeling like it was just yesterday when I told the man to go fuck himself and the system that had imprisoned me for what seemed like an eternity.

Hopefully I will have the cash to spend some more time in the Grampians after my overseas shenanigans, with so many projects unfinished...
Just to name a few:
Mana - 13 days
Pretty Hate Machine - 8 days
Zeus - 5 days
Last Action Hero - 4 days

The time invested continually throughing myself at a single move for 13 session, two shoe resoles and a repetitive strain injury in my left scapula without the send was still rewarding and has helped me to better control my over attachment to projects without losing motivation.

So what now you may ask....? Well on the 23rd of July I will be facing my fears of flying after watching to many Air Crash Investigation and heading abroad to the Land of the Maple.

I leave you for now with a video I've put together from some of the highlights of my trip and hopefully everyone reading this will feel just a little more inspired by the magic that is the Grampians National Park!!

PS.. don't forget to watch it in HD for that added inspiration ;)

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