Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Valley of the Giants!

The last couple of weeks have been sick!
Joe came down from Sydney to visit us again, so we decided to go back to the cave for a bit of a change from the usual project and resting cycle.
Joe and I got back on some old projects that we tried the last time he came down and we both had a really successful day!

Joe on the send of Aphrodite V7
Byron having a play on Lady Boy Noodle Box V10

On the weekend I traveled down to Halls Gap after being told there was a shit load of potential for new development at an area known as The Valley of the Giants.

Oliver, a local ranger that has been developing the area for more than a year now showed me around the place and I have to say how shocked I was at the huge potential for quality hard lines just waiting to be established!

After looking around Oliver got back on a project of his and managed to send it on his first attempt from the start!

Oliver on the send attempt of Ways of Being v11
Fully motivated from Oliver's send, we came back a couple days later and put up some more FA's in the area!

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